Felix Shakhov

Precious metals, rare and radioactive elements in the ore-forming system

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Dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Professor Felix Shakhov (October 24 1894 - October 30 1971)

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Felix Shakhov

The first Siberian geochemist

The pupil and bright representative of the oldest in Siberia of Tomsk geological school V. Obruchev, P. Gudkov, M. Usov, a successor of the best traditions of selfless enthusiasts scientists-researchers of the native land, F. Shakhov devoted his life to the study of ore deposits, development of mineral resources base of Siberia, the preparation of several generations of geologists of the highest qualification and creation of ore-geochemical trends in theoretical works, developing principles and methods of forecasting, prospecting and examination of deposits of gold, rare metals, uranium and other minerals.
The beginning of the article of prof. Yury Shcherbakov in the weekly newspaper SB RAS “Science in Siberia” № 41, October 1994, p. 11.
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Pedagogical activity

“Lectures Shakhov differed highest scientific level, he has never been repeated and not prolonged the discussion of a scientific problem, always was precise and concise, attracted surrounding by encyclopedic their knowledge”
(Biographical reference book “Professors of Tomsk Polytechnic University”: T. 2 / Author and compiler A. V. Gagarin. - Tomsk: Publishing House of the scientific and technical literature, 2000 - 214p., P. 184)

“Felix Nikolaevich Shakhov. Slightly above average height, thin and flexible, with a narrow face and a hooked nose unusual for his time dense brush of black mustache, with a rare name and surname, simply ironed suit, he gave the impression of elegance and otherworldly. Began with a lecture that he took out his handkerchief and wiped the snow-white tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses. Spoke slowly, in short sentences, but always with an unusually interesting details or about the history and discovery, or the beauty of its ore mineralogy, as was demonstrated by some striking examples. We were afraid of him, but the thing to know, because Felix Nikolaevich had a habit of suddenly in the middle of a lecture, referring to anyone from listening to students, to ask about the genesis of any field or on the genesis of its ores. It was awkward because not publicly known.”
“Memories of Shakhov” R. T. Gratsianova at website “Electronic encyclopedia TPU” http://wiki.tpu.ru/ (in Russian)

Under the leadership of Shakhov was prepared by a significant number of engineers-geologists and scientists - doctors and candidates of Sciences (G.N. Anoshin, V.I. Bazhenov, V.M. Gavshin, R.S. Zhuravlev, V.P. Kovalev, A.F. Korobeynikov, Ya.A. Kosals, F.P. Krendelev, N.A. Kulik, I.N. Malikova, A.S. Mitropol'skii, G.V. Nesterenko, N.A. Roslyakov, N.V. Rosliakova, F.V. Sukhorukov, V.G. Zimbalist, V.K. Tcherepnin, Yu.G. Shcherbakov et al.).

Archival materials

Presentation contains archival photographs Felix Shakhov and collected quote. Presentation prepared by E.V. Lazareva. pdf (in Russian, 3.53 MB)